Why didn't I receive the confirmation E-mail?
The activation email maybe placed by your email provider in the SPAM box, you should take a look at it first. If you don't get anything after some time, you can get another activation email through this link : http://www.Alldebrid.fr/activate/?resend=true
My download speed is quite slow !
Lots of things could explain your issue, but one good step to check if the problem is real is to install Internet Download Manager to see if your speed issue remains with a multi-connections download.
I am suspended, why ?
To protect our quality of service, we have a mass leech detection system (account sharing ~ fraud). If you download from more than 2 IP adress on a same account at the same time, your account will be suspended for 24 hours. If it happens again, the suspension time will double, each time. You'll next receive an email with a new password, in case your account has been compromised. With this system, you may give a generated link to a friend for him to try out, but don't abuse it !
Why can't I resume my download in my download manager ?
To keep our system up and running smoothly, we have limited the maximum connections per IP per server to 32. If you cross this limit, the server will refuse the unauthorized extra connections. PLease configure your download manager correctly to get the best performance. By the way, IDM will fullfill this task perfectly.
When I downlaod, I get the message : Error!
This issue could happen when a hoster has changed its protection system, or for others random reasons. Please create a thread in the help section specifying the (original !) hoster link, this way the team will be able to fix the problem as soon as possble.
How long the generated links last ?
The link lifetime is 48 to 72 hours, the delete script is running at 0h.
I have a problem with Rentabiliweb.
We don't control the payment side of Rentabiliweb, we are only using it. If you have an issue during the payment process, please contact directly Rentabiliweb.
I have a download manager (like jdownloader) and when I try to download a link generate from alldebrid, it remains the hoster link ! What I can do ?
All you have to do is visiting your account settings/personnal informations and tick the \"activate link display for download managers\" box. The generated links will be displayed in raw, and your download manager will be able to detect them easely.
Why using the Firefox/Chrome/JDownloader plugins ?
Those browser plugins will allow you to generate unleashed link in 1-clik ! Juste select the links, right-clic, and it's done. The jdownloader plugin allows you to use AllDebrid services directly in the programm : add your hosters link, and jdownload will dowload the files at maximum speed through Alldebrid !
Is remote upload allowed ?
Remote upload is forbidden and blocked on alldebrid.


Downloader working
Downloader is down
Downloader may be not work properly